How innovative is your organization?

You must change. always.

when we work with organizations we try to understand the real challenges & use more then 100 innovation tools to build innovation processes. that’s buildinn.

What we can build for you?


Build an
innovation unit

One that knows how to
connect ideas from inside
and outside to your
corporate challenges.
Buildinn community


Build corporate
innovation community

working with cross-sectors
team to prepare for the
future and effect
organisational culture.


Build a sustainable
innovation hub

What would happen if your
corporate innovate could
create a global impact?


Build an open
innovation arm

That knows how to find
relevant startups and
connect them to your organization.

About corporate innovation

Every organization has 12 dimensions to build innovation.
can you see them?

At Buildain, we have developed a model for diagnosing innovative processes within organizations based on twelve dimensions. 

Using the model, we can determine Where does an organization focus its innovation efforts – is it on disruption? on the business model? Or perhaps on product development?

Additionally, we analyze the methods that the organization uses to promote innovation. Does the organization engage in open innovation? Does it make acquisitions? and so on. 

Finally, we examine whether the function that is supposed to lead each of the innovation initiatives in the organization according to the model, actually conducts its role.

As a result, we can obtain a clear picture of the current innovation efforts of the organization, allowing it to restructure its innovation strategy more effectively.

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